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Strength makes quality.  Excellence stems from specialization






  More than 20 years,we have been focused on the development of the steel pipe,with a strong company size and

  technical strength,excellent and continuous improvement of the service concept,is committed to supporting

  product development and vessel research.We produce not only products,is quality! Because we know that quality

  is the lifeblood of business! In our tireless efforts,the HUAYANG brand to be ahead in the same profession,

  widely praised.





Provincial governor and city mayor visit Huayang's factory




Mr.Zhao yong,Vice governor came to Huayang company to guidance work 





Mr.Jiao yanglong,

Party Secretary 

visited Huayangs

manufacturing shops.



                                                                                  Mr.Guo Huahai, vice president of Hebei Provincial

Peoples Political COnsultative Conference, visited

                                                                                                                                    Huayangs manufacturing shops.




Huayang Corporate philosophy:


Virtue and integrity, scientific development

Harmony enterprise, employees home

Integrity returning to society, pursuit precise and be realistic

To be a long-life enterprise and a national brand

Share achievement with the whole society

Educate people with advanced theory

Regulate people with scientific system

Inspire people with noble morals

Cultivate people with innovative ideas


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