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Logistics services combined acts of packing, shipping and arranging the transportation documents for a piece of equipment. Huayang Steel Group Co.,Ltd has a set of logistics service system to supply the steel pipe in domestic and overseas. Our fast transport will provide you with highest operational efficiency and will help to support efficient production processes. Our staff can help you to turn your logistics challenges into real competitive advantage.

We offer various delivery terms for your order:

① Containers: 20Feet container could load the pipes & tubes at 5.85meters length or below and for 40feet"s could take 11.8meters length or below.
This is the most transplantation way we use to deliver your pipes and in time delivery is our promise. 


② Bulk Vessels: For some pipes shall need bulk vessel delivery: 1) for those length above 12 meters which could not load in general 40Feet containers; 2) for the bulk cargo in big quantity to get one better ship rate. 



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