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Thermal expansion is a steel pipe seamless steel pipe of a processing method, thermal expansion without thick-walled steel pipe used in the two-step propulsion expansion tube set cone mold diameter expansion technology. The small diameter steel pipe processing into large diameter steel pipe. Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe than the hot-rolled steel pipe slightly worse mechanical properties.
Limited to the specifications of steel seamless steel pipe, according to the needs of end consumers so hot expansion of seamless steel pipe was born, hot expansion seamless steel pipe specifications model is relatively large, generally based on customer needs and the production of thermal expansion seamless Steel pipe is often said that the thermal expansion of the tube, the density is relatively low but the copper tube is very strong shrinkage.
Heat-expandable seamless steel pipe used in the two-step push-type expansion tube set cone-mode expansion technology, digital IF induction heating seamless technology, hydraulic technology in a machine, with its reasonable process, lower energy consumption, lower Construction investment, 27simn good product quality, wide range of raw materials and product specifications applicability, flexibility and low input into the production of bulk adaptability, replacing the steel pipe industry radical pull-type expansion technology. Because it is difficult to solve the supply of large diameter steel pipe, thermal expansion of seamless steel pipe to solve the shortage of large-diameter steel pipe in China an important source of products to ease the supply of large-diameter steel pipe market tension.

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